Patron of Dreams is a BIPOC and LGBTQ2S welcoming and safe space.

Live the Dream, Wear the Dream, Be the Dream!

Patron of Dreams is a sustainable, Canadian, one-woman-run business, devoted to hand picking and curating bold, eclectic vintage, second-hand, and up-cycled clothing and housewares. With the use of story-telling photography, videography and a Blog, Patron of Dreams is ripe with themes of re-wilding, feminine empowerment, creativity and nature, contrasted by fierce and individualistic style. Patron of Dreams aspires to help you re-kindle your connection with Mother Earth and natural cycles, while embracing your creative individuality. We believe in a better world that values People and Planet before Profit.

Owned and operated by Tara Cole-McCaffrey (she/her), Patron of Dreams was conceived from the idea that each and every one of us has a Dream of some kind, however small, or elaborate, and it deserves encouragement, support and a community to sing it's praises to the world. We all need someone to remind us that there is purpose and worthiness in our Dream and the world would be a better place if we brought it to life. It's my Dream, that Patron of Dreams Shop bring you unique, vintage fashion to express your personal style, while also encouraging you to protect the planet as you pursue your Dreams fiercely!

A vintage shop for the creative individual to celebrate and nurture our Earth and our own authenticity. What we love, we become.

Live the Dream, Wear the Dream, Be the Dream!